Our Treatments

  • Spiritual Guidance & Energetic Healing  | 60mins
    Spiritual Guidance & Energetic Healing  | 60mins $150

    Combining spiritual guidance & energetic healing creates a powerful space for mind, body & soul cohesion.  Guided by me, in this session we connect with source to activate, align & calibrate the natural healing energy within your body to restore physical & emotional wellbeing. 

  • Narrative Journeying  | 60mins
    Narrative Journeying  | 60mins $150

    The sensations associated with past trauma become trapped within the body. Narrative Journeying is a talking & movement based therapeutic approach that can help address this trauma and encourages clients to build emotional intelligence to minimise problems that exist in their lives.

  • Soul Coaching 
    Soul Coaching  | Please contact to apply

    Successful but still feeling stuck? Maybe the path you lead isn't yours? As a soul coach I help successful women to develop a deeper connection with their authentic and spiritual self to create soul wealth. Soul wealth is the concept of abundant aligned living through the currency of energy & Self Mastery (knowing who you are, deeper understanding of life purpose & soul powers, ongoing transformation from who you were conditioned to be).