How to find us……

Waiora Collective is located at 47D Kenepuru Drive, with free parking at the door.

A modern and peaceful reception area is linked to private practice rooms, where clients can feel comfortable and relaxed talking in confidence with their practitioner.

Although all consultations are booked by appointment, the ‘Waiora experience’ ensures that clients are not rushed or stressed by, or during their treatment.

Convenient onsite parking ensures easy access and safety. The relaxing reception area provides a haven where clients can prepare for their consultation and rest again after treatment.

Appointments can be booked by telephone or email, and all Waiora practitioners allow plenty of time around their appointments, so that treatments are not rushed, nor shortened to meet the practitioners’ requirements. Rest time is important.

What happens at your consultation?

Upon arrival at the Waiora Collective studio, the client is welcomed with some quiet time in the relaxing reception area.

The practitioner will engage in discussion with their client to ensure the best treatment plan can be developed. Once this has been agreed, the treatment begins.

The level of undress is up to the client, to ensure their safety and comfort.  The treatment lasts between 30 – 90 minutes, and it is not uncommon for clients to experience an emotional release, perhaps giggling, or becoming tearful. Some clients have gurgling in their stomach, or fall asleep (depending on the session), both of which can be very complimentary to the practitioner.

Following the treatment, the client is again encouraged to take some time to regather before leaving the studio. Often there will be follow up from the therapist, seeking feedback from the client. Improvement in holistic health and wellbeing is a collaborative two-way process, and feedback and follow up is essential.

‘Do no Harm!’ – this is the mantra for Waiora Collective. Holistic health and wellbeing are all about helping to improve the client’s mind, body and soul.  It is deliberately non invasive.

All treatments are based on evidence informed practice. All Waiora Collective practitioners keep themselves up to date with the results of research, and practice in their specialty fields. This knowledge is an integral part of their professional knowledge and treatment delivery.