Fascial Stretch Therapy

A type of stretching that targets the fascia, the connective tissue that surrounds muscles, bones, and joints. Through using traction, the entire joint and joint capsule are addressed, this helps to remove restrictions which can help with increasing range of motion and stimulation lubrication within the joint. It also addresses the plane/lines of fascia, not just the individual muscle. Quite simply it like wearing your tightest pair of jeans and then exchanging them for a comfortable pair of track pants after having a FST session

Anyone can benefit from having a session of FST, professional athletes, weekend warriors, people with tight hips or shoulders, people with desk jobs or low back pain. It increases range of motion, can improve performance, posture, and muscle function to name a few benefits. By improving function, pain can be eliminated or improved.

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massage therapy relaxation

Massage Therapy

Enhance your health and well-being with Massage therapy. Massage helps relieve pain, reduce stress, unwind, and relax which may help with digestion and improving sleep.

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Oncology Massage

The initial consultation and introductory treatment will introduce Oncology Massage to someone who has or is being affected by…

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Scar Tissue Release

McLoughlin Scar Tissue Release is a pain free method of gentle, finger tip pressure that is applied to the area to help free the restrictions of the scar…

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Delivering a cyclic compression, to different areas of the body. Each chamber inflates sequentially…

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A safe, supportive, and confidential environment with a flexible approach, individualised for each client depending on their needs.

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