Bernie has magic hands. I have been in pain for over 3 years as a result of Breast cancer and the related surgeries. I was advised by a surgeon to massage myself after my fourth and hopefully final surgery (May this year). I was not given any instruction on how or what to use. So I contacted Bernie for advice. She was brilliant – she told me don't use anything you can't eat, onto your body. It was at this point she advised me she was now qualified to do Oncology Massage. Which I discovered is very different from normal massage. Bernie is very thorough. You complete a very detailed medical questionnaire before you can even start treatment. Bernie is then able to massage you based on your current point of your cancer journey either Pre- treatment, during or after as in my case. Bernie relieved the uncomfortable numbness, tight feeling often experienced by breast cancer patients who have axillary node dissection. I had Breast pain resulting from Edema and very angry surgical scars (worsened by Radiotherapy). This is now all gone. I have not been able to be hugged for a really long time because of the pain. My friend Emma hugged me today and she said sorry after and I said to her "no its alright as it doesn't hurt anymore." There is not much more I can say except Bernie has changed my life is a massive way. Being in pain for years takes a toll and once you don't have that pain you can focus on getting back to life. Life changing experience for me.
JA, Miramar
(October 2018)
I had a massage with Bernie yesterday after having struggled big time with lower back pain. Expecting to have a "normal" body massage to release some tension, I had a complete cure for my pain. Seriously, next day I went for my first mountain bike ride in six weeks and still feels amazing. I can not recommend this wonder woman enough, and I'm going back!
Lene P, Karori
(June 2018)
A big huge thank you to Bernie Te Moni for my amazing massage , you are a gem and have hands of gold. My long time injured back (10+ years) and newly injured knee (1 week old) both feel amazing👌. My pain when i walked in for both injuries were about 7-8, including soreness ALL over from netball tournie (x4 20mim games). When I left an hour later😉 pain was about a 1-2 but so manageable. Not to mention my neck and quad feel fab too #highlyrecommend
Anne, Tawa
(April 2018)
I thoroughly enjoyed my treatment from Bernie. Rather than just 'going through the motions' she took the time to find out my particular issues and set about addressing the problems in a very professional and enthusiastic manner! I definitely felt the benefit and already looking forward to my next appointment. Very highly recommended.
E Law, Glastonbury, UK
(Feb 2018)
I have been to a number of different massage therapists in my life and have found the perfect one for me. The best part for me is Bernie's technique in massage her pressure is perfect for my needs and the different massages she provides from my favourite; sports massage to my next favourite relaxing all over body massage. Everything Bernie offers is professional and of a high quality.
Mrs H - Titahi Bay
I received a massage recently from Bernie and found her to be very professional and she hit all of the spots that I had issues with in my back. Having been pregnant for last nine months and now breastfeeding it has taken its tole on my back and body. But after a half hour with Bernie I felt like a new woman. Can't wait to have another massage and I would fully recommend Bernie to anyone of my friends.
RJ - Karori
Bernie came to give me a massage after some serious orthopaedic surgery to my feet. Having been immobile for weeks she took lots of time to understand the problems I was having and the ways she might be able to help, especially with my circulation. I felt comfortable throughout the whole process – comfortable that she knew what she was doing, and happy to be in the hands of a truly lovely and empathetic person. After the massage I felt much better, with my joints nicely loosened up, and I slept better than I had in weeks! I wouldn’t hesitate to see her again.
Dr J - Brooklyn
Bernie gave me my first massage ever, and it was a great experience. I had been suffering from considerable shoulder pain for months, not being able to shift it. She was a great listener, put much thought into the best way to approach the issue, and made it a very enjoyable experience in the process. After her massage the pain in my shoulder was considerably reduced, and her work set me on the path to a quick recovery, with my shoulder sorting itself within the next weeks. I am planning to see her again soon, and cannot recommend her enough.
SS - Brooklyn
Bernie has massaged me several times now and she is my go to whenever I have a niggle. My most recent massage was to alleviate symptoms of a hamstring injury. Whilst discussing the mobility problems I was experiencing as a result of this injury, Bernie advised me on a technique that would assist. It was a revelation and using the method as advised, my mobility improved immediately. Bernie assisted me more in that session than in the months of physiotherapy I had already received. It highlighted her full knowledge and understanding of anatomy. Her service is always thorough and professional. Highly recommended.
JJ - Whitby
My massage from Bernie was bliss! I really appreciated that Bernie listened to everything I had to say during our consultation and then asked what areas I wanted her to focus on during the massage. I was very relaxed during and after my massage and was grateful for Bernie's energy and care that she gave while with me. I can't wait for my next one!
Mrs M - Karori