Introducing Laura Hurtado-Roberts PhD, Holistic Counsellor

Laura has Graduate Diploma in Counselling Practice and is a practitioner in developmental movement therapy [Extra Lesson®], an educational approach to neuro-development and child development. Experienced in working with parents, children and young people, and has counselled women of all ages and couples experiencing loss and grief, trauma, abuse, anxiety, depression, pain and long-term illness, transitioning through life stages.

Laura supports people in palliative care and during end of life, as well the bereaved. She uses a person-centred approach, inspired by V. Frankl ‘finding a meaning’ and M. Buber ‘healing through meeting’.

Laura works with warmth, non-judgmental acceptance and deep listening to create a sacred and safe space with the client. She also uses stories, art, movement, body awareness and mindfulness as a way to strengthen the client’s personal needs in their transformation toward healing, assertiveness, and self-discovery.

Laura believes everyone has the opportunity to learn, taking every experience as a stepping stone to move forward and having faith in life. Forging creativity, connecting with your own intuition, trusting your gut feelings and listening to that part of you that has known suffering to find a way forward in the depth of wisdom.

Laura has a PhD in social sciences which supports her understanding that clients are individuals existing in the wider context of their society and culture, demonstrated through working with people from many cultural backgrounds. She also she speaks Spanish and French, and honours Te Tiriti o Waitangi.

E: [email protected] | T: 0272738257

  • Holistic Counselling 60mins
    Holistic Counselling 60mins $100

    Facilitating wellness through holistic counselling. Providing a listening ear, a compassionate heart and a safe place where the client can be seen, heard and connected to his / her / their own inner wisdom. Please text Laura 0272738257 if you would like further information.