Hazel Harrison

Hazel is a certified Breath Coach and Transformational Coach, she is also a member of The International Coach Federation. She has over 30 years experience in coaching and mentoring, Hazel gained this experience in a number of different organisations and settings. She has her own coaching business called Your.Sidekick.

As a transformational coach Hazel’s approach is one of curiosity and she gets her joy and satisfaction from connecting with people and enabling them to realise their own potential and together figuring out the best way she can serve you. She will ask curious and at times challenging questions. She has a natural intuition and ability to connect with people from differing backgrounds.

Hazel is also a certified breath coach and her interest in Breathwork started as a personal journey as a way to improve her own focus and performance as an ultra runner. Most of us are stuck in auto pilot and living life by default rather than design. Hazel uses Breathwork to bring about real physiological and psychological change. There are many benefits to having a breath coach and by changing the way we breathe.

These include helping to:

  • reduce stress and anxiety
  • improve mental focus
  • improve sleep and reduce snoring
  • balance your energy


Are you looking for a trusted sidekick?
Are you ready to be your own superhero?

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Ph: 0210577968

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Breath Coaching

Breath Coaching or ‘ Breathwork’ is nothing new it is the combination of many ancient and traditional breathing techniques and modern science. Breathing is something that we take for granted, it happens automatically, yet it is 100% in our control and by manipulating our breath we can experience both psychologically and physical benefits. Our ideal breath rate is 6-8 breaths per minute, however most people breath in excess of 15 breaths per minute.

If you suffer from sleep disruption, snoring, excessive yawning  Breathwork could  help. Breathwork can also be used to help centre a person if they are feeling nervous, overly excited, anxious, angry or just want to restore balance and gain clarity. Children respond really well to breathwork and it is a great personal skill for them to have. If you have any other questions and want to know more contact Hazel.


The International Coach Federation (ICF)  defines coaching as partnership between coach and client in a thought provoking process that inspires them to maximise their personal and professional potential.

We all have goals we want to achieve and challenges and barriers to overcome. Perhaps you are looking for a new direction, or just need someone who is going to listen to you. Hazel has experience with adults and teenagers so perhaps your teen is stuck in a rut.

  • Breathwork 45 mins
    Breathwork 45 mins $75

    The sessions may take place sitting on a chair, the floor or lying down. The first session will be a combination of breathing tests and explanations. We will explore different types of breathing exercises for you to do to help you in whatever capacity you need. The success to Breathwork is consistency and practice. Please wear comfortable clothing.

  • Coaching New Client 45 mins
    Coaching New Client 45 mins (Free)

    You wouldn’t buy a car without test driving first so this first session is you trying coaching. This session is a discovery chat to see if coaching is the best option for you and if I can add value and serve you well.

  • Coaching
    Coaching TBD

    You can expect me to be 100% present and listening to what you bring to the session. Our sessions are confidential and a safe place for you to talk about things. You can count on me to ask curious questions, hold you accountable, challenge your answers and dig deeper to help you realise your own true potential. Coaching is for you if you are feeling overwhelmed with decisions. It could be career related, a family problem, a motivational issue or just someone to listen to you. The above session can also be done via ZOOM please contact Hazel directly to arrange.

All sessions can be via Zoom. For enquiries about Zoom sessions please email [email protected]